Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact Ride Match to reserve transportation?

At this time, Ride Match does not provide transportation. We maintain a database of transportation providers in Massachusetts. To arrange for transportation you will need to call the transportation provider listed on this site or go to our “Contact” page to find the Regional Transit Authority that serves your community.

Does my community offer public transportation?

Many communities in Massachusetts offer some type of public transportation. The easiest way to find this out is to select your city or town from the drop-down list on our “Home” page. The results will show you a full list of transportation options in your community, with the public transportation displaying first.

I have a disability and can’t use the public bus.
What are my options?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that comparable transportation service be offered to individuals with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route public transportation systems. Paratransit service must be available to individuals who start and end their transportation within ¾ mile of a normal fixed route. In Massachusetts, ADA paratransit is a demand response service provided by either your Regional Transit Authority (RTA) or local Council on Aging (COA). Select your city or town from the drop-down list on the Ride Match “Home” page to locate contact information for the RTA and/or COA that serves your community.

Why was this database created?

Ride Match was created to provide a comprehensive listing of public, private, community-based, and non-profit transportation providers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It can be used by anyone searching for transportation, but is particularly useful for people with disabilities and older adults who often need accessible transportation options.