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Basic Information
REV Bus – Hartwell Area Shuttle (128 Business Council)
Address: 395 Totten Pond Road Suite 302 Waltham, MA 02451
Customer Service: 781-890-0093
Description: The REV Bus – Hartwell Area Shuttle was developed in 2013, and is a commuter shuttle service managed by 128 Business Council. The REV Bus is partially funded by major property developers in the Hartwell Avenue corridor of Lexington and Bedford, and partially funded by the Towns of Lexington and Bedford. The shuttle provides trips each rush hour connecting commuters from the MBTA Red Line at Alewife Station in Cambridge to worksites along Hartwell Avenue. Through its partnership with the Town of Lexington, the REV Bus also provides commuter “express” trips between Lexington Center and Alewife Station in the morning and evening. These trips provide an efficient, affordable connection to Alewife Station for Lexington residents at the peak of rush hour. Do I have to use the app to board the shuttle? No, but we strongly recommend it. Using Tripshot Wallet allows you to pay your fare with the least amount of hassle and at the lowest possible cost since multi-ride passes are only available through the app. If you qualify for a reduced (member) fare through your employer, worksite, or other organizational affiliation, you can only access this reduced fare by downloading the app and setting up an account that can be verified by your organization. Plus, the app also allows you to plan your trips, track your shuttle, and set up departure-specific alerts.How do I get approved for reduced member fares? Only riders who are affiliated with a 128 Business Council member company (either because the member company is the rider’s employer or because the rider’s employer is a tenant of a member company) are eligible to ride on the reduced (member) fare. If you are affiliated with a 128 Business Council member organization, there are two steps that must occur before you can ride at the reduced (member) rate: First, in most cases, a representative from your member organization must add your name and email address to your organization’s list of approved riders. If you have not received instructions from your organization about how to be approved and do not know who the appropriate contact person is, please email us. We will connect you. Second, you need to create your Tripshot account. Please use the same email address that was added to your organization’s list of approved riders by your member representative—whenever possible, a work email address showing your organization’s domain name.If you’ve already been approved by your member representative and you’ve created your Tripshot account, please allow one full business day for your new reduced (member) fare rates to take effect. In the meantime, you can use the two free shuttle rides that we provide to all newly-created accounts. You can find the two “contributed free passes” under the Tripshot Wallet “Passes” screen.Other questions about fares, ticketing or the app? See our Rider FAQs, especially under the headers “Mobile Ticketing” and “Fares & Membership.” Last Updated: 10/19/22
Service Details
Trip Types: Employment, No restrictions on trip purpose.
Eligibility: No eligibility process
Cancellation Policies: No cancellation policy
Special Services: Curb to Curb, Ride sharing
Payment Types: Cash, Self Pay


Day Start Time End Time
Monday7:00 AM9:00 AM
Monday4:00 PM6:30 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM9:00 AM
Tuesday4:00 PM6:30 PM
Wednesday7:00 AM9:00 AM
Wednesday4:00 PM6:30 PM
Thursday7:00 AM9:00 AM
Thursday4:00 PM6:30 PM
Friday7:00 AM9:00 AM
Friday4:00 PM6:30 PM

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